Diga Aldersbach

Veranstaltungsart: Trade Show

Veranstaltungsort: Kloster Aldersbach

Beginn : 19.08.2022

Ende : 21.08.2022


Land : Germany

The Diga is a Garden Fair and is open to visitors and exhibitors as a sales platform. The attractive offer along with the loving presentation of flowers, plants and herbs, gardens, garden art and garden furniture, accessories and decorative items, as well as terracotta, ceramics, fountains, ponds and winter prepares the visitor pleasant days at the fair. Gardeners and garden designers create themed worlds and invite to look at, dream, enjoy and relax. Also the Aldersbacher Gartenfestival offers lectures on garden. The Diga will take place on 3 days from Friday, 19. August to Sunday, 21. August 2022 in Aldersbach.
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