CMT Stuttgart

Veranstaltungsart: Trade Show

Veranstaltungsort: Messe Stuttgart

Beginn : 15.01.2022

Ende : 23.01.2022


Land : Germany

CMT will be presenting holiday ideas, the most beautiful travel destinations from around the globe, southern Germany’s largest caravanning and motor home show, as well as a tourism entertainment programme. Special travel themes such as cycling, golf, wellness, cruise ships and culture will feature on both weekends in their own exhibition areas. Here you will find inspiration, ideas and important information for your dream holiday. On the whole the organisers welcomed on the 9 days of the fair, from 12. January to 20. January 2019, about 2207 exhibitors from 100 countries and 260000 visitors on the CMT in Stuttgart. The CMT will take place on 9 days from Saturday, 15. January to Sunday, 23. January 2022 in Stuttgart.