Mainfranken Messe Würzburg

Veranstaltungsart: Trade Show

Veranstaltungsort: Talavera Mainwiesen

Beginn : 30.09.2023

Ende : 08.10.2023


Land : Germany

Mainfranken-Messe at Talavera Würzburg is one of the regional fairs in Bavaria with the most turnover and visitors. The event presents itself as the main forum of information and shopping in the region Mainfranken and domestic and foreign exhibitors from the fields of trade, craft, industry and service industries invite for shopping and inform about their product and service spectrum. On the whole the organisers welcomed on the 9 days of the fair, from 28. September to 06. October 2019, about 100800 visitors on the Mainfranken Messe in Würzburg. The Mainfranken Messe will take place on 9 days from Saturday, 30. September to Sunday, 08. October 2023 in Würzburg.
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