KWF Tagung Schwarzenborn

Veranstaltungsart: Messe

Veranstaltungsort: Forstwiese

Beginn : 19.06.2024

Ende : 22.06.2024


Land : Germany

The forestry demo fair in the forest of Roding is central Europe’s largest exhibition of its kind. Since 1964 it is organized on a regular basis. Even today, the presentation of forestry technology in the forest is a recipe for success and a crowd-puller. Initially, the fair took place every two years - since 1977 in a four-year cycle. In 1988, the changeover to the even years was carried out. These dates realignment prevented overlaps with the meetings of the German Forestry Association (DFV). Furthermore it was achieved by means of this change, that in Central Europe alternately with the Interforst in Munich every two years an international leading event of the forestry sector takes place. The changing locations and hence the changing host state forestry administrations or companies are a hallmark of the event. This is to do justice to the diverse realities and demands of the European forestry in an optimum way; however an extremely high organizational effort is the result. Traditionally the event consists of an exhibition, a congress and technical expeditions. Visitors and exhibitors meet for the eighteenth time on the KWF Tagung on 4 days from Wed., 19.06.2024 to Sat., 22.06.2024 in Schwarzenborn.
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