Bonding Braunschweig

Veranstaltungsart: Trade Show

Veranstaltungsort: Technische Universität

Beginn : 17.05.2022

Ende : 19.05.2022


Land : Germany

The bonding in Braunschweig takes place in the Technical University. Interested parties have an opportunity there with many prestigious companies to take contact and the dream job, the thesis or working abroad to come a step closer. In addition, free application photos and review of application portfolios are offered. The bonding takes place annually in different locations throughout Germany. This event will be rounded off by numerous lectures. In the lectures, the visitor is a first overview of the company allows to so prepare for further discussions with the company representatives at the booth. The bonding will take place on 3 days from Tuesday, 17. May to Thursday, 19. May 2022 in Braunschweig.
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