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Who we are and why
we do what we do is a platform for online booking of exhibition staff, hostesses, models and promoters. Founded as the hostess agency in September 2013 by Adela Kadirić. has its headquarters in Cologne. The motivation for the creation of this website is to make an innovative platform and user-friendly application, booking of hostesses, promoters and models easier and faster was.

We have the whole booking process provided online to allow exhibitors to cost and time savings and improve communication with hostesses, models and promoters. Simultaneously, the agency offers our customers great choice of reliable and qualified hostesses at reasonable daily rates for personnel.

Our passion is a smart system to offer in order to achieve greater efficiency. We now have to gather extensive experience in the field of events and fairs. Among the many advantages offered by our online booking platform compared to traditional Hostessgenturen, we would emphasize the following four:

Fair wages of exhibition personnel Unlike traditional recruiting agencies, our hostesses, models and promoters determine their own daily rate. The fee of the exhibition staff depends solely on their own experience, language skills and expenditure Directions and overnight at Fair site from. The final price for our customers is not distorted by high commissions and brokerage fees. It simply pays a fixed booking fee for the care and maintenance of the platform.
Motivated personnel for your event Our system creates two strong incentives for high commitment and dedication of hostesses, promoters and Models:

1. Above average payment: the fact that our booking fee compared is relatively low and the hostess, as explained above, can set their daily fees higher than in a usual hostess agency or employment agency, work motivation and commitment is the hostesses, models and promoters from our database much higher.

2. Transparent Feedback System: Once the event exhibitor feedback on the profile of all fair hostess, promoter or Models can leave. This assessment is then visible to future exhibitors and ensures that hostesses be used more, are punctual, reliable and responsible. Our experience shows that the prospect of a good evaluation led the hostess to maintain generally larger rofessionalität and commitment.

Below-average prices The total price consists of the daily rate of the hostesses and the booking fee. The former is set by the staff itself in a competitive environment, because to apply for an event several hostesses or models. The hostesses to each other in direct competition. To be booked and competitive in their to be colleagues, our Promoters and Models retain a reasonable price level. The booking fee, the second part of the total price is compared with the market low, because we have an online Hostess Agency low staff, maintenance and administrative costs. These savings on one side and the fair daily rates on the other hand, allow us to offer competitive prices on the market.
User-friendly and time-saving booking system Our system provides a large online database, immediate access to the profiles of the available hostesses and models allows. The customers of our hostess agency can start automatically and immediately after a brief registration to research the appropriate hostess, a model or promoter. This search can be limited by criteria such as price, language skills or age. Following a successful search the selected person can be requested and booked directly online. In the entire booking process is reduced to a few clicks and a few hours. It has never been easier and faster to find suitable and motivated Exhibition and promotion staff.

Check out our simple
and transparent price structure

As an online business, we have limited maintenance and administration costs as well as low personnel expenditures relative to the traditional agencies.Our prices are transparent and the price structure uncomplicated.

These savings enable us to maintain a low service charge and therefore ensure that we can offer the most competitive pricing on the market.

Country Booking service per day & per hostess3,4 Staff per day1,2 Overtime hour
Austria 25.00 € 100.00 € - 130.00 € 15.00 €
Germany 25.00 € 100.00 € - 130.00 € 15.00 €
Netherlands 25.00 € 100.00 € - 130.00 € 15.00 €
Russia 25.00 € 100.00 € - 130.00 € 10.00 €
UAE 25.00 € 100.00 € - 130.00 € 15.00 €
USA 25.00 € 100.00 € - 130.00 € 15.00 €


  • ¹ Official trade show opening hours are considered as one working day. If a working day is longer than 9 hours over time fee applies for the rest of the time.
  • ² Payment is due latest on the last day of the trade show/event directly to the personnel.
  • ³ Payment is due on completion of the booking process.
  • 4 19% vat applies for companies based in Germany
We are happy to answer any questions you have or provide you with and estimate. Just send us a message using form below. Alternatively please call or send us an email directly.

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