New features

March 2017

iOS application
We are happy to inform you that we have developed an iOS application, designed only for our users.
From now, users can use both android and iOS application and react much faster an all requests.
Users with installed mobile application are more likely to be booked, so we recommend you to install version you prefer.
Discount coupons
We are happy to inform you that we have developed new feature, designed especially for our clients.
From now one, you wil be able to user special discount code at checkout.
This means you will be able to save money with our gift codes.
Please check your e-mail regulary because you never know when we will send you this code.
No results for profile search
No results for your search? No problem!
From now on, as a client, leave us a message which profiles exactly are you looking for.
We will do our best to find you suitable users.
Please take a look at our new photos in Gallery section of our home page.
Our users are booked at various trade shows accross Europe, and we are trying to show you our users at work.
My bookings
We have added new feature to our clients profile.
This feature provides clients history of all past bookings with information about users they have bindingly booked for upcoming events.
New information on checkout page
We are now displaying all invoce deatils to our clients on checkout page.
Please check all details since these informations are very important and must be correct in order to have valid invoice.
We have redesign stats display on users profile.
We are trying to make it easier for our clients to see which are our best profiles, so we made stats colorful.
We hope you like it.
File size
We have increased file size for users images as well as for documents.
Please keep in mind that it is still limited in size, and please try to upload as small as possible files.
Invoice detais form for users
Since we are developing invoicing feature for our users, we are obligated to gather invoice details.
All users are required to do so upon first login in system.
This must be done only once.
Please stay tuned about invoicing feature on our New Features page.

February 2017

Users registration
We have redesign registration process for our users.
From now on, you do not have to give your tax information upon registration.
All invoice details will be asked after you register.
Registration process is now much faster and easier.
Account section
We have redesign account section on both client and users profiles. display on users profile.
We hope you like it.
Post-reject email
System is now sending information e-mail to our users after user rejects request.
This e-mail informs user about possibility to withdraw from events, in case user is no longer available.
This way, we want to reduce number of rejections, and also inform users how negatively this affects their statistic.
Withdraw option
This option gives possibility to withdraw newly sent, as well as already accepted requests.
This feature is available both for clients and users.
In case you have sent request by mistake, or changed your mind, or simply want to change dates, please withdraw current request and simply send new one.
If your are a user, and can no longer work, you can also withdraw your confirmation.
Rejection reasons
This option gives possibility to select reason why user is rejecting new request.
This gives more information to client, but as well as to our administrator.
Keep in mind that rejection affects users statistic negatively.
Users language
From now on, users are obligated to input mother language and at lease one more before profile approval.
Postpone trade license file upload
As a user, you can postpone trade license file upload.
Please use this feature carefully, since this file is still required, and your profile will be deleted if you do not send it until selected period expired.
Remembering booking data
As a client, you now can send non-binding requests to users, but you do not have to fill request form every time.
System will remember data from your first request, and you can send new request to next profile with just one click
Previous and next profile
As a client, you now can list our profiles without need to return to search every time.
We are trying to provide you as much as we can features to make booking process faster and easier.
We hope you like this new feature.

January 2017

Chat feature
We are happy to inform you that from now on we are using chat feature.
Our administrators will try to be online as much as they can.
Please do not hasitate to contact us using chat in case you have any inquires.
Email change
This feature provides our users possiblity to change email used by system for communication and messages.
Please use e-mail address you use frequently, since our notifications are very important and you do not want to miss them.
Client registration changed
We have redesign our registration process for our clients.
Registration form no longer requires any invoice fields. These fields will be asked only before first booking.
Registration process is now much faster and easier.
Users profile summary
From now, every user can write short summary about himself.
This summary is displayed on user's profile so clients can read it.
Please use this field to describe yourself in few lines the best you can.